KushCo Clothing is heavily involved in the local community of Seattle, Washington. We are partnered with and support a number of Non-Profit Organizations that give back to the community. We attended an event and donated over 300 of our exclusive Seahawks inspired hats to the brave children that depend on and receive great care from the wonderful providers at Seattle Children’s Hospital.


After the event Pete Nordstrom and
Sir-Mix-Alot congratulated KushCo for their excellent products and contribution to the Seattle community.



KushCo also sponsors’ a co-ed adult softball team whom we are proud of for winning the 2015, 2016, 2017 League Championship title. KushCo productions partners with Outtasite Productions and Latifa Madoi .


International sponsorship’s and young children community developers collaborate with KushCo Clothing, LLC, to  sponsor a leadership program supported by local clothing merchants in South Africa.

For the fifth consecutive year, the program focused on education for girls and boys, who are seen as key players in the country’s development. As part of the initiative, 50 school children from the local Districts are provided with KushCo Clothing products, in addition the Uganda district leaders present their local initiatives and talk with young future Uganda district leaders.


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